New album

We proudly present our new release which is CORTEGE Touching The Void. This album will satisfy your needs if you are into the old school death metal. It contains the following blasphemies:


Habemus Papam

The Journey

Event Horizon

Deus Vult

In Love

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Death Mills

Hear Our Cries

The Temptation

Touching The Void

The Path To Illumination


As a guest guitarist appeared Marek Pająk aka Spider (Vader, Esquarial). You can listen the album or purchase it HERE.


 SONNEILLON Polymorphous has been sol out!

CORTEGE on bandcamp!

LET THEM COME Productions proudly presents a new album from the polish death metal horde CORTEGE called Anachoreo. Over 45 minutes of good (evil?) old school death metal form the 90's. Of course, no words can describe the music. The entire album is HERE where you listen to it for free or purchase it both as a digital and a CD version for a small fee easily paid by PAYPAL.

New release

New band in LET THEM COME Productions is PUKI 'MAHLU. Their album Luta DP will be out in May 2013. More details soon.

CORTEGE is back!

New release is out. This time it's death metal CORTEGE with their album Anachoreo. You can read more about it in RELEASES section. Listen to the sample song HERE and purchase it HERE.


LET THEM COME Productions presents SINPHONICON.

"Nemesis Ablaze" is a killer mixture of metal violence and the swing of classical music. Powerful, sinister, intriguing. Revenge has taken a human race to administer the ultimate justice. Dare to fly into the abyss listening to the soundtrack to the dark side of human nature.

PAYPAL accepted!!!


1. Genesis of Corruption (Intro)
2. Let the Light Prevail
3. His Name Is Revenge
4. Echos
5. Arrival of Alastor
6. Fall of Purity
7. Bleeding Sky (Instrumental)
8. Legion Arise
9. Nemesis Ablaze
10. Silence (Outro)

New release!!!

SINPHONICON "Nemesis Ablaze" is scheduled to be released on 18th July.

Last copies!!!

Last copies of the CDs below. Be quick!!!

  1. AL'VIRIUS - Beyond the human nation

  2. BLASFEMIA - El indice de los libros prohibidos

  3. DENY THE URGE - Subsequent confrontation

  4. DRAKHER - Rejector

  5. DYING EMBRACE - Chronic delusions

  6. EN DECLIN - Trama

  7. GRIMLAIR - Self - inflicted state

  8. GRIND MINDED – 9mm facial

  9. GROG - Gastric hymns Mummified in purulency

  10. INCESTICIDE - Incesticide

  11. IRON CLAD - Lost in a dream

  12. MALAMOR - Dead to the world

  13. NEPENTE – Atonements

  14. NOSFERATOS – Pandemonium

  15. THE FROST / BLACK FIRE - Between ice and fire / Illucesit mortis Jesu

  16. THE TRUE ENDLESS - Suicide journey


  18. WYRM - Wandering northwards + The glyph

  19. XOLOTL - Xolotl

Nemesis Ablaze is coming!

New band in LET THEM COME Production, SINPHONICON is scheduled to be unleashed in June 2012. While waiting for the moment you may listen over and over one of the tracks from the release namely "Let the Light Prevail". Enjoy this piece of infernal music HERE.


You can see CORTEGE on stage:

26.05.2012 @ Hardcafe, Karvina, Czech Rep.

02.06.2012 @ 8 Club, Jastrzębie Zdrój

15.07.2012 @ Rudeboy, Bielsko - Białą

The details are regularly updated HERE.