DUAL - COMA on tour!

DUAL - COMA on tour:

04.10.2009 20:00 @ STODOŁA Pszczyna, Śląskie
13.11.2009 20:00 @ AFERA Ostrów Wielkopolski
20.11.2009 20:00 @ RZESZÓW Rzeszów
21.11.2009 20:00 @ DEKADA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
12.12.2009 20:00 @ PRZEPRASZAM Tarnów

We have CDs for you if you answer correctly to the three following questions concerning LTC bands:

1. What does SONNEILLON mean?
2. DUAL-COMA performed in a very popular TV show. What was it?
3. In LET THEM COME Productions we have one band from outside Poland. Which country is it from?

 On 17th October it will be announced who won CDs: 3 people are going to get DUAL-COMA and SONNEILLON. 5 next persons are going to get 5 CDRs.

 You can send the answers as a response to the mail or you can contact on myspace.