New release!!!

New album is scheduled to be released in June. Now you can hear one of the tracs "Let the light prevail" HERE.

New title

We are closer and closer to a new title in LET THEM COME Productions. This spring the BEAST will be out of hell... More details soon!

New arrivals

You will find lots of new titles in MAILORDER section.

New review

New review in Czech to read HERE.


UZIEL are about to complete their work on the new songs. They're going to enter the studio in November. More details soon.

Review in German

New review in German to read HERE.

New review

New review of EXTINCT GODS "Wartribe" in English on in REVIEWS section.

EXTINCT GODS is out!!!

EXTINCT GODS Wartribe is finally out. You can have the CD for € 4 . How to purchase the CD? There are three ways:

1. Write to us on CONTACT US.

2. Write to us on our myspace.

3. Write to us on Facebook.

You can listen to two tracks from the CD HERE.

Two EXTINCT GODS' tracks to listen!


EXTINCT GODS' "Wartribe" will be out
 in a couple of weeks. Before that you can
listen to two tracks from the release, have
a look at at the cover artwork and see the
tracklist. LISTEN
1. Q. U. A. L. M. 2. Credo 3. Wartribe 4. Innocence Disposal 5. Deconstruction 6. Device Of Survival 7. Wicked Providence 8. Another Utopia Falls 9. Procession (instrumental) 10. Process Of Becoming




04.06.2011 DEGENERALIA FEST in HARD CAFE, Karvina Czech Rep. You will see UZIEL / NIEFORMALNI / REGAL BLUE. Start: 7 p.m. cost: 100 Kc