Special offer and new band

1. If you order two CDs of your choice from our catalogue you can have one LET THEM COME release for free. It's up to you which which one.

2. New band in LET THEM COME Productions is EXTINCT GODS. Expect their CD by the end of the spring.

Mad again!

FOE has a new video for the title track from their debut album "Madness". Watch it here.

New Year


UZIEL is out!

New release is out. MCD UZIEL "Where's the cross?" is three tracks written by the band and two cover songs (SATYRICON, DEAD INFECTION).

Lucas and DOG EAT DOG!

Lukas from PATEK XIII shares the stage with DOG EAT DOG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2MqLo-gAFE&NR=1 and Dave from DOG EAT DOG says a few words about the new PATEK XIII album "Videothrash" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2MqLo-gAFE&NR=1

PATEK XIII is out!!!

PATEK XIII comes back with their second album Videothrash. Lullabies for the mad. Scary stories served in a thrash way. Purchase the CD writing on CONTACT.

DUAL COMA is out now!

As short as I can: DUAL - COMA Wake me up is out now"! You can have it for € 4. To purchase it contact us on the site or on the myspace profile.

New albums in July!!!

Expect two brand new albums in July namely DUAL - COMA with their debut Wake me up and PATEK XIII with their second album Videothrash. More info soon.

New releases!

Expect new LET THEM COME Productions releases pretty soon. This time already known bands will present their new CDs. In the meantime you are invited to the see FOE and DUAL-COMA live. See the dates here.


DUAL – COMA has finished recording their debut called "Wake me up". The new stuff makes eight songs of powerful post metalcore. The CD is scheduled to be released in May 2010. Waiting for the album you can listen to two tracks on http://www.myspace.com/dualcoma