Touching The Void

1. Habemus Papam
2. The Journey
3. Event Horizon
4. Deus Vult
5. In Love
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name
7. Death Mills
8. Hear Our Cries
9. The Temptation
10.Touching The Void
11. The Path To Illumination

LTCP – 0014
Length: 47.15 min.
Number of copies: 500
Date of release: 25.03.2016

Second album of this Polish death metal band brings music which takes you back to the 90's. On "Touching the Void" you will find heavy riffs, dark atmosphere, drums from hell, insane solos and devilish vocals. You can also hear a guest perfomance on this album made by Pająk aka Spider (Vader, Esquarial), who played a solo in one of the track.

The diary

1. Fire walk with me
2. My story
3. Unfaithful
4. Paper planes
5. The calling
6. Revolution
7. Disintegration
8. Fake life
9. Last journey
11. Bulletproof heart pt. II

LTCP – 0013
Length: 43.16 min.
Number of copies: 1000
Date of release: 29.01.2014
On their second album DUAL COMA are much better composers. Their songs are not only a stream of energy but they have more to offer. Listen to them carefully and discover something new every time you press PLAY.

Luta DP

1. Babilon 2007
2. Chłopiec z Kandaharu (fragment)
3. Danby, jak możesz?
4. Wyznanie (Diabelska serenada)
5. Daj mi swe serce
6. Orwell 1984
7. Ludzka piosenka
8. Dzień jasny
9. Horyzont 101
10.Pieprzenie JOTPEDWA 
11. I to nie jest śmieszne
12. Ku chwale O'Briena (Część II)
13. Dezynsekcja
14. Oczekiwanie
15. Przychodzę
16. Milczenie

LTCP – 0012
Length: 61.25 min.
Number of copies: 600
Date of release: 08.05.2013
PUKI 'MAHLU mixes death metal with their mother tongue which is Polish. Brutality, good technique and real passion to play makes that their music is special and intrguing.



1. Fra Sotona
2. Feed
3. Let it burn
4. Invincible
5. Drown
6. Worship
7. Violent
8. Trenches
9. I admire
10.Throught fire to salvation
11. Purity


LTCP – 0011
Length: 46.37 min.
Number of copies: 1000
Date of release: 21.12.2012
LET THEM COME Productions presents its new release, CORTEGE "Anachoreo". The album is a journey to the early
90's when death metal was being brewed and later spilled all over the world. CORTEGE brings you 10 track of the
old school death metal and a sinister intro. Absolute
musthave for a death metal fan.

Nemesis Ablaze

1. Genesis of Corruption (Intro)
2. Let the Light Prevail
3. His Name Is Revenge
4. Echos
5. Arrival of Alastor
6. Fall of Purity
7. Bleeding Sky (Instrumental)
8. Legion Arise
9. Nemesis Ablaze
10. Silence (Outro)

LTCP – 0010
Length: 43.33 min.
Number of copies: 1000
Date of release: 18.07.2012
"Nemesis Ablaze" is a killer mixture of metal violence and the swing of classical music.
Powerful, sinister, intriguing. Revenge has taken a human race to administer the ultimate
justice. Dare to fly into the abyss listening to the soundtrack to the dark side of human



1. Q. U. A. L. M.
2. Credo
3. Wartribe
4. Innocence Disposal
5. Deconstruction
6. Device Of Survival
7. Wicked Providence
8. Another Utopia Falls
9. Procession (instrumental)
10. Process Of Becoming

extinc gods

LTCP – 0009
Length: 39.50 min.
Number of copies: 1000
Date of release: 29.06.2011
Wartribe is not a release you can decode after the first listening. Here fast parts mix with melody
and with some unexpected slow downs. Each next listening
makes you find different things in the music. The real hit of summer 2011.

Where's the cross?

1. E-vile
2. Die Jugend
3. K.I.N.G. (SATYRICON cover)
4. Burglary (DEAD INFECTION cover)
5. Scheduled to be terminated


LTCP – 0008
Total length: 20.44 min.
Number of copies: 500
Date of release: 20.10.2010




   1. Return of the living dead
   2. Texas
   3. Medusa
   4. Simon de Belleme
   5. Ghostly forest
   6. Children of the corn
   7. Pandora's box
   8. Poltergeist
   9. Sirael
  10. Nightmare + bonus track


LTCP – 0007
Total length: 47.46 min.
Number of copies: 800
Date of release: 28.07.2010

The scary movies you know presented in a thrashing way you can find on the second album of Czech PATEK XIII „Videothrash”.

Wake me up

   1. Way out
   2. Stay
   3. Wake me up
   4. This feeling
   5. On the edge
   6. Mistakes
   7. Between love & hate
   8. We


LTCP – 0006
Total length: 30.27 min.
Number of copies: 800
Date of release: 21.07.2010

After their three good demos Decode the Human, Promgramme H.A.T.E. and Bulletproof Heart DUAL – COMA recorded their debut called Wake me up It is 30 minutes of energetic music where thrash is mixed with death metal and all this is served in a modern fashion. The sound is clear and brutal. Wake me up is the album you've been looking for!!!


   1. Foe
   2. Reminder
   3. Lies
   4. Alcoholic
   5. Madness
   6. Corpse
   7. Possessed
   8. Slavery
   9. Cold
  10. Nothing

LTCP – 0005
Total length: 39.40 min.
Number of copies: 800
Date of release: 27.01.2010

This Polish band, once known as ALKOHOLIKA, performs an old school death metal with a touch of thrash and progressive elements. The sound of the album can be described as raw.


   1. Prologue
   2. Stream of Obscure Consciousness
   3. And I've Awaken
   4. Pluralis Majestatis
   5. Lost Lonley Soul
   6. Into the Unknown
   7. Epilogue
   8. Upon the Crimson Moon (bonus track)

LTCP – 0004
Total length: 31.04 min.
Number of copies: 650
Date of release: 8.07.2009
Status: SOLD OUT

SONNEILLON, sympho – black metal band from Poland. Over 30 minuts of a mystical journey through anger, pain and darkness into the place where the fallen ones await their return. The MCD also contains a video to the song „Into the unknown” and „the making of” to the video.

Reprogrammed H.A.T.E.

  1. Bulletproof Heart
  2. Divided Mind
  3. Blood Drunk
  4. Nuclear Lost
  5. Constellation
  6. Chain Reaction
  7. Parabellum
  8. Stand by
  9. Program H.A.T.E.
  10. Zero

      + bonus video "Bulletproof Heart"

Dual Coma

LTCP – 0003
Total length: 47.27 min.
Number of copies: 1000
Date of release: 14.01.2009

Ten tracks of heavy but catchy death / thrash. DUAL – COMA combines death metal heaviness with thrash intensity and everything is served in a modern way. The CD contains 8 tracks from Program H.A.T.E. and an EP Bulletproof Heart with two brand new songs.

New Murder art

  1. Seeds of Hatred
  2. Brave New Murder Art
  3. Unleash the Agnarox
  4. I Carry the Dead
  5. Salvation through Rope
  6. Vox in Rama
  7. The Hands Resist Him


LTCP - 0002

Total length: 27.19 min.
Number of copies: 500
Date of release: 11.06.2008
Status: SOLD OUT

Almost half an hour of what death metal has the best in stock. Fast parts combined with slow, heavy riffs, diabolical vocal and lots of melody in solos make that in this cauldron all the time happens something interesting.

Split CD

1. Suspirius Muzikus
2. Vládce Kurevstva
3. Mastodont
4. Jamamba
5. O Zakletěm Mlynáři
6. Krutě Oči Hor
7. Lucio Fulci
8. Báby Zařikavacky
9. Frank Zito
10.Křištálově Jezero

11. Elegy To An Endless World
12. Welcome Home
13. Perpetual Journey
14. Memorial .14.
15. Secrets Of Negativity
16. Storm part 1
17. Storm part 2 (sculpting the beast)


LTCP - 0001

Total length: 79.26 min.
Number of copies: 300
Date of release: 28.11.2007
Status: SOLD OUT

PATEK XIII is a heavy / thrash attack from Czech Republic. The band’s name (Eng. Friday 13th) is taken from the popular scary movie with Jason and his mother and the band itself doesn’t bother to analyse the condition of the contemporary world but the musicians take us to the world where lunatics walk free with sharp tools in their hands and where wandering in a forest at night is not a good idea! The other band is RES NULIUS. At first sight it may seem that the guys take you to some peaceful musical regions but soon you realize that it is not true when you discover that despite its beauty the music is restless and sinister. RES NULIUS know BURZUM for sure but they also know how to create atmosphere you heard on OPETH albums. The two way split is almost 80 minutes of music!!!